Monday, August 6, 2012

Kicking off the new school year!

Well, it's just a week into August, but it's been packed!  With the help of many friends, I've moved from Richardson up to Denton, into an apartment with one of the gals involved in the ministry here.  Meeting up with a lot of the girls up here to get to know their lives has reminded me of how many amazing things that God has done in our lives.  A lot of times you look at people only as they are now - but hearing their histories highlights the amazing path of redemption God has for us, and gives hope for the future.  Then we had staff retreat all weekend, which was a good mix of serious topics and just getting to hang out with and build friendships with the others working across the campuses this year.

Having the Olympics as perpetual background noise has been a good motivation for the start of the internship.  The dedication and obsession shown by the athletes is truly humbling. I can hardly imagine putting that much effort into anything - and so many of the athletes are fueled by their love for God!  Throughout his letters, Paul loved using the analogy of athletes.  (Philippians 3 and 2 Timothy 2 come to mind.)   What if we were as dedicated to living how Christ called us to live as these athletes are at what they do?   I was also intrigued by the Ryan Lochte kerfluffle.  For those not as obsessed... he's the swimmer who wanted to wear a grill (tooth bling) when recieving a medal, but was told he couldn't go to the podium with it in.  He took it out for the ceremony and proudly posed for pictures with it later. What if he had been so caught up in chasing his own identity that he refused to take the grill out to go up to the podium?  I can definitely look at things in my life that I tried to hold on to for longer than I should have, because I told myself "it was just the way I was" in spite of it being sinful.   Do you do that too - refuse to cut out aspects of your lives because of a chase for individuality, instead of letting our lives line up with the plan God has for us?  But enough about the Olympics....

A couple of weeks ago I went on a trip with one of my favorite people in the world.  One of Michelle's mentors moved to western New Mexico to pastor a church there, so we drove out together to visit the family.  As well, I have some family in the Tuscon area, so I took a couple of days to go further west to see them.  The trip was pretty relaxing, and the pastor there gave me so many interesting things to think about.  

Stopping to enjoy the scenery on our way to the lake 

Finally, the act of fundraising has been so incredibly humbling.  Seeing how much work each of you who is supporting me and campus ministry do so that I can be a part of God's work here has blown me away. As well, God has been teaching me boldness - being willing to ask the people who I "know" will say no.  So that's a few brief thoughts to kick off this blog.


  1. Hi honey, I'm so excited for your year in Denton. Times of transition can always be uncomfortable, but you are going to make friends and do wonderful things up there. I will be praying for you!

  2. Insightful questions about the Olympics--you definitely thought about them more deeply than I. I want to have that kind of discipline and determination towards things that will last forever. And the question of identity is a powerful one too. There is a tension between who I think I am and who God says I am. As Brady puts it, "Do you want to be authentic to the person you are, or to the person you are becoming?"