Monday, October 1, 2012

The school year is in full swing...

Another month in our ministry has flown by. We just returned from our fall retreat, a 24-hour getaway when students have lots of opportunities to get involved in community. You learn so much about people when you have a LOT of people in a small space. Who is looking for opportunities to help? Who is looking for ways to invite new people into their lives? It's a great time to gear up for the rest of the semester with ideas on how to love each other like Jesus loves us.

This morning we had some FOCUS alumni come speak to our community about how involvement in a ministry in college has impacted their lives after graduation and how God has changed their lives over the past few years. Seeing what God has done for them is so beautiful! And speaking of beautiful - check out our group picture! Over a hundred people were involved in the retreat at some point.
God has been teaching me so much through this internship. I think one of the biggest lessons of late has been, basically, getting over myself and being willing to be imperfect when speaking in front of people.

At retreat we had a time of sharing with the group based on the prompt “how has Jesus' death and resurrection made us new?” God put something on my heart to share but I spent a while procrastinating, afraid of looking foolish if I tripped over my words. After I spoke, I wondered why I didn't just speak up when I first knew I needed to – and a couple of minutes later, another person spoke in response to what I had said. If I had let myself get stuck in my own head and not shared, I would have robbed the community of both what God wanted me to share and what this other person shared. You have to wonder how many other ways we steal from our communities by our own selfishness! I'm so glad that I paid attention to this lesson after speaking rather than realizing it after being silent.

So much more is going on – God is working in amazing ways in the lives of students here and I am so blessed to be allowed to be part of it!

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  1. Good entry. I especially enjoyed hearing what you are learning.