Thursday, November 1, 2012

Being a pencil in God's hand

This year, the leaders in our ministry are reading through Finding Calcutta, a book about some of the profound questions raised by one American's journey to work with Mother Teresa. Something that leaped out to our group this week was Mother Teresa's imagery of being “a pencil in God's hand.” It's not that she did these amazing acts of love and service to the poor – she let God's love flow through her. And it's like that for us. Everything we do in campus ministry isn't us - it's God using us. It begged several questions for our leaders. Do you truly let Jesus use you to write His plans? Do you try to claim responsibility for things that were actually things incited by the Spirit? Why do we pretend like we're “good people” instead of pointing all praise to God?

 Just this week I heard a story of how one of the students led God use her for something she wasn't expecting! One of the students I spent time with every week, Rachel, shared this story with me. She was at a coffee shop with several friends, including Natalie, a freshman who has made learning more about God a priority in her life. Part of how she's doing this is by studying the Bible with Rachel! During a break in their homework session, Rachel stepped outside with one of the guys. Their conversation turned to how Jesus heals people – spiritually, physically, emotionally. Rachel suspected that somebody who had been sitting near them in the coffee shop was listening in, but wasn't entirely certain.

 As the evening wore on, most of the group finished up their homework and went home, but Natalie stayed behind. And then the guy that Rachel had noticed earlier struck up a conversation with started a conversation with Natalie. Maybe he had found the group intimidating - maybe he was working up the courage and questions to jump in and realized he had almost missed his chance – maybe there's other reasons that I can't begin to grasp. But Natalie, a freshman who is young in her faith but eager to learn all about God, was tossed into this conversation with a fellow student who was brimming with questions. He said he was atheist, but something in his heart was longing to know more about God.

 Natalie let herself be a pencil in God's hand – being used to plant seeds in this man's heart. Praise God for using Rachel to mentor Natalie, and praise God for giving Natalie the boldness to speak up! This story reminded me of 1 Peter 3:15 - “Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.”

Radically shifting topics - something that I love about the end of October is our Halloween parties – yet another excuse to dress up and hang out with each other. This event was entirely planned by students and was so well done!!

Matt as Mr. Green, Krysten as Matt, Matt as Bert the Chimney Sweep, Rachel as Matt, Natalie as Matt, and Matt as a ninja.

 Looking forward to next month – in a couple of weeks we're having Pizza Theology, which is when we dedicate a Sunday afternoon to diving into some topic that's more involved than can be covered in sermons on Friday nights.  I hope you're excited to hear how it goes!

Last thing I wanted to share with you was that we had a baptism tonight!  Marissa decided to be baptized after studying the Bible with Ana.

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  1. I loved those stories! But it won't let me watch the baptism videos--says they are private.