Sunday, December 2, 2012

Can you believe the semester is almost over?

Such a strange feeling – walking out of the room we've met in all semester and knowing that we won't be back for a month and a half. Finals are rapidly approaching so we've had to wrap up our big group meetings for the year. Looking back over the semester we can see so many things that God is working in our community! Our students have reached out to so many new students and invited them into a loving Christian community - dozens of students are studying the Bible with dozens more - and students are making real commitments to live their lives in a way pleasing to God.   At the start of November we had a Pizza Theology, where students from all of our campuses come together to learn about a topic in more depth.  We had about 250 students show up - and I just love seeing that so many people were willing to spend a Sunday afternoon in a classroom learning!

In the midst of college ministry, I find it too easy to forget how fragile life is. But last week our community was startled - a freshman at UNT, Ryan Schutze, died in a car crash.  Something that really impressed me about his life was his vision for how God could impact our campus. Ryan was actively participating in campus ministries as well as a fraternity - seeing how many people whose lives were touched by him really showed that he letting Jesus shine through him! Please join us in praying for Ryan's family as well as that we continue in his dedication to sharing God's love with others on campus.

One thing that's in the works at our campuses is an international mission trip. Travis, who leads the ministry at Richland College, is also leading up this trip.  He visited us at UNT at the end of the month to host an informational session to see how many students at UNT were interested - and we almost filled a classroom with interested students!

Finally, we had our Christmas celebration last night!  We love having a party of some kind to celebrate the Christmas season.  This year we challenged the cores to perform some kind of song or skit and did our students show some impressive skill!  One video I'd like to share with you tonight came from a core that has really appreciated the diversity that God brought them.  

I'm personally looking forward to December and having a chance to catch up with students from other campuses and especially back at UTD.  Winter Camp is also coming up fast!  I can look back at my experiences at Winter Camp and really see how God used that in shaping my heart.  I'm so excited that our students are about to get to experience that as well and I know that Jesus will be working in that!  

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  1. I'm so glad you're doing so well at UNT! I can't wait to meet more of the girls you're always telling me about!