Saturday, June 1, 2013

June update

Summer has begun!  Wednesday we kicked off our Denton large group meeting for the summer.  This summer we're reading through the book of James. This week Matt read the whole book out to the students.  Hearing the words come to life was powerful, and much more meaningful than just sitting and reading.  So if you haven't read the book lately, why don't you grab a friend and read it out loud?  This letter is so practical that we thought it'd be a good way to have some different students share as well, so most of the teaching that happens this summer will be coming from students who have established that they're reliable and have a heart for God's word! 

One thing that I love about summer is that our southern campuses - UT-Dallas, Collin, and Richland - have a joint meeting over the summer.  The juniors and seniors from our church's teen group are invited as well!  So this week we got together at the building in Garland to kick off our summer series: Built to Last. Ronnie challenged us to get a vision for where God wants us to be when we're adults - and to be building a foundation that will serve us well.  One of the really practical things that sticks with me is the reminder that how we treat our roommates is a foreshadowing of how we will treat our kids.  If we come home exhausted and needy all the time instead of looking for the needs of those who are already at home, why do we think it'll be any different with kids?  Why not learn today how to come home with a good attitude instead of realizing that's who we are when the kids point it out?  

students from every campus on Thursday night!
The interns read through "The Heart of Hebrew History" last month at a breakneck pace, excellent for getting the big picture of what happened in the Old Testament! Something that continually leaps out to me as I read about our history - really, the history of humanity - is how consistently we wander away from God... and how tragic the results are.

The statistics are sobering.  The Barna Group calculated that about 30% of those who grew up in a Christian home will stay faithful through college.  But a lot of people just wander into apathy and following their own cravings instead of pursuing God.  (Sound familiar, Israelites?)  And again we are so blessed to be part of a community which seeks to provide a thriving community for students to plug into.

But it's more than that. Jesus came to seek and save the lost - and we are living in a dreadfully lost culture.  We've all had neighbors who have never experienced Godly love; classmates who were raised in countries where Christianity is a tiny minority; friends who are bitter towards Christianity, but they see the love of Jesus in how we treat them.  One of the deepest honors of being an intern in campus ministry is helping to support students as they learn how to reach out to a broken world without themselves getting sucked in.  And that's what you're supporting!  Thank you again to each of you for your support and for keeping me and our campuses in your prayers!

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